comm-central has branched!

Further to my previous post, we’ve now branched comm-central. There are now two repositories for the comm-central applications:

  • comm-central: The trunk repository containing source code for Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Lightning
  • comm-1.9.1: The stable branch repository, based on Gecko 1.9.1, for Thunderbird 3, SeaMonkey 2, Lightning 1.0.

If you already have comm-central checked out with mozilla-1.9.1 (the default until now), you will be automatically switched to mozilla-central. The mozilla-1.9.1 repository will be archived in your directory as ‘.mozilla-1.9.1’.

Local clones of mozilla will not be affected, only the ones that point to

The tree rules page has been updated with the current status and requirements for checkins, please check that before checking in. The various tinderbox pages have also been updated.

Whilst we’ve branched, there are still a couple of issues that we’re resolving on buildbot and some of the builders, so the comm-central and comm-1.9.1 trees will be staying closed until tomorrow morning when we’ll have hopefully resolved the issues.

Also, comm-1.9.1 isn’t on mxr yet, we have a bug filed to get it added.

6 thoughts on “comm-central has branched!”

  1. So, having had comm-central checked out so far (before the branch), how do I stay on the branch leading up to TB 3? And How do I switch (temporarily) to TB for building in a different objdir?

    I’m afraid hg’s limited branch concept, forcing the use of clones for branches, may show here.

  2. @M.J.G To keep on branch you need to clone comm-1.9.1 and then use If you want to avoid cloning mozilla-1.9.1 you can move that into the mozilla/ directory after cloning comm-1.9.1 and before running

    wrt branch concepts, we’re just following the gecko lead here – it was something debated and decided about quite a while ago. To be honest from what I have seen we could use a branch in hg quite easily, but I think there were other concerns from the core developers. All that discussion is archived somewhere on the newsgroups I believe.

  3. I wanted to avoid reading hg docs, but it seems the following is a bandwidth saver if you have a comm-central-checkout and are on a commit (or up -r to it) before the branch, and want to follow both TB3 and

    clone comm-central locally (to comm-1.9.1, say)
    In the clone, edit .hg/hgrc to point to releases/comm-1.9.1 instead of comm-central

    cp -al comm-central/mozilla to comm-1.9.1/mozilla

    Then use in both repos. The 2nd run in comm-central will move mozilla away (it is 1.9.1) and clone from the local copy before updating to mozilla-central.

    Don’t forget to cp your mozconfig, it’s not versioned, and to set a new objdir 😉

  4. Nice that we have branched. TB 3.0 will be build from comm-1.9.1 and mozilla-1.9.1, right? And TB 3.1? Will it be build from comm-1.9.2 or from comm-central (1.9.3)? I hope from 1.9.3, because 1.9.3 contains a few pros. Pros of 1.9.3: It’s better optimized for Mac OS X and for Cocoa and is nearly 64bit ready, it contains a localizable printgui (no en-US-only PrintPDE.xcode anymore).

  5. @Nomis101:
    Yes, TB 3 is being based on comm-1.9.1 and mozilla-1.9.1.

    Nothing has been decided about TB 3.1 yet. Most of it will depend on relative schedules and plans yet to be made. We’re likely to start on these over the next few weeks as we start pushing TB 3 out the door.

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