Thunderbird Trunk Version updated to 3.3a1pre

We’ve just updated the trunk version to 3.3a1pre. You might be asking why we’ve done this. Here are the details:

We are currently planning a possible Thunderbird 3.2 release. This will be a minimal update with some small new features, and will be very similar to the existing Thunderbird 3.1 release.

You’ll note in the above that we’re talking about a possible 3.2 release. The new features that may be going into 3.2 are still in discussion and development. Depending on the timing it means that it may be that Gecko 2.0 is near completion, and we can release from our current trunk builds based on Gecko 2.0.

So we’ve bumped the trunk version to allow us to set up bugzilla flags so that we can track bugs for the potential 3.2 release (although we’re not setting the branch up just yet) without confusing the version of trunk with the versions in bugzilla.

We’ll be posting more about what is happening as we get our plans nailed down further.