Windows trunk nightly updates broken

The update code that drives the automatic updates was changed at the end of last week, and unfortunately this broke the update mechanism on Windows.

If you downloaded a trunk nightly build on Saturday or Sunday, then you may be affected. You’ll know this is the case if you get a dialog stating “The update could not be installed (patch apply failed)”.

The cause has now been fixed and was included in Monday’s nightly builds.

If this affects you, you will need to download and install a new nightly build from one of these locations:

Notificiations added to Tinderstatus

Tinderstatus 0.4 can notify you when a tree state changes, or even particular builds on a tree change state or stay broken:


I find this especially useful if I’m tree watching, as tinderstatus does the watching for you – you no longer need to keep examining tinderbox, or tbpl for the next build to change state, tinderstatus will do it for you, and push out an alert (using the gecko alerts system – on Mac this integrates with growl, as you’ll see above).

By right-clicking on Tinderstatus’ icons, you can globally turn on and off the notifications (for periods when you’re not watching the tree or its just too busy). You can also access the preferences where you can configure which trees to give notifications for, and which trees you want to get notifications in more detail about the specific builders.

I had the idea to implement this after seeing Christian’s and realising that I was doing a lot of context switching whilst watching the tree to keep looking at the web page. I realised a notification system would push the information to me rather than going to have to look (and maybe reload) a web page myself – what was even better is that I realised that although is still under development, I could easily add notifications to Tinderstatus. So I did.

I hope the tree watchers out there find this useful, improvements are always welcome, tinderstatus can be found on mozdev.

Tinderstatus 0.3 is here!

With the addition of new tinderbox trees for various branches happening in the few months before Christmas, and Thunderbird’s setting up of a Thunderbird3.0 tree, I finally decided to get round to doing some more hacking on Tinderstatus.

As a result, we now have the capability to monitor different trees on different icons (up to 10):

Having been using these for a couple of weeks now, I can say that I find it much easier to monitor the trees I’m interested in and get quick status for them all and I’m glad to say the update is now live on amo.