Thunderbird try-server can now apply and test patches against mozilla-central (and others!)

We’ve recently made some changes to the Thunderbird try server so that now we’re able to push comm-central and mozilla-central patches and have them tested against Thunderbird.

This means that we can test proposed patches against mozilla-central on all our supported platforms and have our standard tests run against them. To use this functionality, you need to include a specially named mozilla-central patch file in your push to try-comm-central, detailed instructions can be found here.

This functionality also works with the other repositories that comm-central pulls, again see the instructions for details.

comm-central now pulls LDAP c-sdk from Mercurial

I’m a couple of weeks late with this post, but I’ve finally got around to it and here it is.

We recently changed comm-central to pull the LDAP c-sdk from Mercurial rather than CVS. This followed the transition of the LDAP SDKs from CVS to Mercurial.

If you haven’t updated to the latest already, you’ll find you will need to run twice, once to pick up the change in the comm-central repository itself, and once to actually pull the new LDAP repository. You may also need to force a reconfigure with make -f configure.

The transition of LDAP means we’ve now got all our repositories used to build comm-central in Mercurial, which helps to bring in consistency for development and build purposes.

Windows trunk nightly updates broken

The update code that drives the automatic updates was changed at the end of last week, and unfortunately this broke the update mechanism on Windows.

If you downloaded a trunk nightly build on Saturday or Sunday, then you may be affected. You’ll know this is the case if you get a dialog stating “The update could not be installed (patch apply failed)”.

The cause has now been fixed and was included in Monday’s nightly builds.

If this affects you, you will need to download and install a new nightly build from one of these locations: