New Thunderbird Conversations released (with support for 52)!

We’ve just released a new Thunderbird Conversations (previously know as Gmail Conversation View) with full support for Thunderbird 52. We’re sorry for the delay, but the good news is it should now work fine.

I’d like to thank Jonathan for letting me help out with the release process, and for all those who contributed to release or filed issues.

If you find an issue, please submit it at our support site.

The add-on should work with the current Thunderbird Beta versions (56), but won’t currently work in Daily (57) due to some compatibility issues. We’re hoping to get those resolved in the next week or so.

If you want to help out with future releases, then find the source code here and come and help us with supporting users or fixing issues.

Moving my blog (or at least my Mozilla & Thunderbird related posts)

A few weeks ago I made some changes to my account with my ISP and was expecting to loose my webspace (intentionally, due to a better deal all round). At the time I started getting a new blog set up.

As it turns out, and as you can see, this blog is still here. However, I’ve decided to move all my Mozilla & Thunderbird related posts to the new blog anyway.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with this old blog yet. For now, it’ll just serve as an archive for my old posts; I may do some more personal posts at some stage and re-purpose it, but I need to think about that more first, so we’ll see.

Thunderbird nightlies are now code-named Daily

From around the time of the Thunderbird 3 release, Thunderbird’s trunk nightly builds were code-named Shredder. Following the switch to the rapid release cycle, we’ve now changed these to be code-named Daily.

They’ve got a shiny new logo to go with them as well, which completes the set for our rapid releases:

This change will take place from the next round of nightly builds. You’ll be able to obtain them here (Localised). If you want the slightly more stable builds of Earlybird or Beta, then check out our channels page.