Thunderbird nightlies are now code-named Daily

From around the time of the Thunderbird 3 release, Thunderbird’s trunk nightly builds were code-named Shredder. Following the switch to the rapid release cycle, we’ve now changed these to be code-named Daily.

They’ve got a shiny new logo to go with them as well, which completes the set for our rapid releases:

This change will take place from the next round of nightly builds. You’ll be able to obtain them here (Localised). If you want the slightly more stable builds of Earlybird or Beta, then check out our channels page.

Draft Rapid Release Document for Thunderbird

Something I know we’ve been missing since switching to the rapid release process, is a document saying what we are doing and how we are going to be working, reflecting the documents that Firefox wrote.

The draft document is now up for feedback and discussion and can be found here: Thunderbird Rapid Release Specifics

If you’ve got any significant feedback for discussion, please respond to the thread on our tb-planning mailing list, small feedback can be on this post or on tb-planning.