Thunderbird L10n Contact wanted

As you may have seen from the recent announcement, Simon, our current L10n contact for Thunderbird, has decided to step back as his life got too busy. We would like to thank Simon for all the hard work he’s done for us and wish him well for the future. He’s been a great contributor to Thunderbird, responsible to a great degree for lots of people around the world having an email client that speaks their language.

As Simon said in his post, we are looking for a new localisation contact/coordinator volunteer for Thunderbird. Simon has already listed some of the regular activities that he has been doing. We would very much like to find someone to help us improve Thunderbird for all languages across the world. The most important skills are a passion to help Thunderbird, a willingness to learn new tools and techniques, and strong communication skills.

If you are interested please contact me at mbanner at

Thunderbird 3.1a1pre update

A while ago I posted that we were “branching” our builds and setting up 3.1x builds alongside the existing 3.0x builds to cover the mozilla-central and mozilla-1.9.1 core branches.

We have already caught and handled several regressions as a result of having just the comm-central plus mozilla-central tinderboxes up and running.

comm-central hasn’t branched yet, so the MailNews/front-end part of the 3.1x builds will be the same as 3.0x builds, but 3.1x builds will have additional core changes over the 3.0x builds.

Now for a couple of updates on my previous post:

Q. Will nightly builds be available for the new trunk (3.1a1pre)?

A. These are now available for Windows and Linux. Mac builds should be coming soon.

As of today’s builds we have now pointed the update url to our own Automatic Update Server (AUS) that will be used to check for nightly updates and manage partial update generation. So if you download today’s build (20090217) you’ll then be able to use automatic update as you can with the 3.x trees.

We’d still like testers to focus mainly on the 3.0 builds, but these are available so we can check for regressions.

Q. Where are the builds located?

The tinderbox builds are located on the “Thunderbird” (for 3.1 builds) and “Thunderbird3.0? trees. See the notes at the top of the pages for the current known issues/problems.

The 3.0x nightly builds are available from

The 3.1x nightly builds are available from